House Hunting

A few years back, the real estate market in our area skyrocketed and we wanted to take advantage. My husband and I along with our two boys, began looking for our second family home and it was a task & a half… since the market was so crazy we were getting out bid every time we submitted an offer.

The “Potential” One

My In-Laws were looking to move also and my Mother-In-Law had an open house she wanted to go to. So away we went with timmies in hand to scope out this open house (which happened to be on the same street I grew up on as little baby Cass). It backed onto farm land (no rear neighbours – check!), it wasn’t on a busy street (quiet neighbourhood – check!), more than enough space (reptile room – check!). Now, as backwards as it sounds, I wanted a house that was outdated (creative designer ideas – check!).

Our First Renovation

Aside from updating the flooring, changing out door knobs, installing new light fixtures and a fresh coat of paint… we completely gutted the main floor bathroom. Let the fun Begin ->> demo was the best yet messiest part.

**Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the demolition photos that I took while we were swinging sledge hammers around but I have plenty of before photos** And I can’t wait ’til you see the all AFTER photos!!


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I am not always a morning person and to help eyes adjust when I first wake up, I knew I wanted the space to feel serene and relaxing so I started with neutral colours for all of the hard surface selections [Hard surface selections include: floor tile, shower tile, vanity cabinet, counter top and hardware/fixtures]. While I was finishing up my first design draft, I came across (and fell in love with these 7” hexagon tiles that I just had to work into the design). I gave myself two options for the


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And then in the middle of our project, dust and drywall all over the house and lack of toilets available to use… I fell in love with a 7” hexagon tile from Urban Zebra! Soooo I changed up the colour scheme and the vibe became a little more edgy and a little less serene. YOLO!

This was my final mood board with all of the hard surface selections–>>

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Progress Notes

As with any project, we ran into a few hiccups that pushed back our timeline but nothing we couldn’t handle. Some of these hiccups include but are not limited to:

-The leaking toilet- We already knew it was going to be replaced so that wasn’t the big deal. The issue was that the leaking had been going on for awhile and although nothing in the room underneath was ruined, we had to replace quite a bit of sub floor around the toilet. Not a huge deal but 20 bucks here, 50 bucks there, can add up quick.

-The Hot and Cold- This was a DIY project for us and we had my Father-In-Law helping us out which was great. Until, we forgot to switch the hot and cold when we were moving the plumbing. Again, not a huge deal and didn’t cost us anything extra BUT it took us into to the night to correct the mistake. Beer me!

-Glass Shower Door(s)- I knew I wanted glass to make the bathroom feel as spacious as possible. This was the last piece to puzzle (for the hard finishes anyway) and an expensive piece, to say the least so obviously I wanted to make sure it was perfect. After going through 3 different companies for quotes, none of them were very helpful until I met Jeff from Ocean Glass.  He was ridiculously helpful and we finalized a design that I was super happy with. Just took a lot patience!

-Transitions Pieces- This is common forgotten detail among amateur DIYers… Forgetting to put in the metal transition piece while installing the tile. What some people don’t realize (and neither did we), is that if you require a transition from one type of flooring to next and one is tile, then that piece has to get cemented in with the tile. This means you have zero chance to installing it after wards. Tip of the day 😉

THE REVEAL *heart eyes*

I decided on chrome faucets and rain head shower fixtures. Then topped it off with an ocean blue paint colour. I searched for days looking for mirrors and even bought two to put side-by-side but I still wasn’t feeling it, so I found the big guy for 50 bucks at Walmart. Done! We didn’t move any electrical and I was able to get my hands on this cool linear light fixture (dimmer, fo sho!). And Quick canvas photos for the win!

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Show me the Money

I’m going to share the cost breakdown for our main bathroom renovation but Im giving fair warning that we didn’t cheap out and this was not a budget reno.

  • Floor Tile (including cement & grout) – $1,047
  • Shower Tile (including cement & grout) – $570
  • Vanity & Counter top – $625
  • Faucets – $112
  • Shower head set – $101
  • Dual-Flush Toilet -$295
  • Mirror – $56
  • Light Fixture & other electrical – $445
  • Tub – $398
  • Paint – $68
  • Glass – $2,147

I even included the taxes for my Canadian SLICE Crew 😉 If we factor in the few plumbing fixtures that we needed along the way and the extra little bit of subfloor, I think it’s safe to say that this bathroom reno cost well over $6000 total! 


This renovation was done just over 2 years ago and I’m feeling a refresh. I’m going to repaint the walls a lighter colour, update the mirror and add a little more storage (who was the genius that took out that closet? lol).

Like what you see?


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