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I have been talking about my bathroom refresh for-ever and the reveal is finally here!!

Now, I’ll be honest, there really wasn’t anything wrong with the bathroom but I didn’t like the vibe it was giving off.

Here’s what I was working with…

When I originally demoed the bathroom almost 3 years ago, I was so eager to get it finished, that there were a lot of things I overlooked.

You can check out The Gut Job here.


The OG Paint Colour

Since we did all the work for this reno ourselves, the timeline was about double, that of a client project. So when my hubby told me that we were ready for paint, I was not hesitating! I knew I wanted a calming colour but I hadn’t perfected my paint selection process back then. I got a bunch of paint chips from the hardware store and I bought a paint sample. I even went so far as to paint it on the wall [right on top of the existing paint, which isn’t the greatest way to check colour].

My heart was set. I loved the sky blue.


It’s been proven, that a fresh coat of paint can drastically improve the look and feel of a space. Now, last time I chose the paint colour, I hadn’t perfected my paint picking process yet (check it out here). THIS time, I knew exactly how to go about it and before I landed on the final colour, it was months in the making.

I decided on the HGTV HOME Collection by Sherwin Williams and there were a few contenders, including, Dessert Lake. But the winner ended up being SW RICE TERRACE!!!!!! Woooohoooo!!!




Earlier I mentioned that there were a number of things that got overlooked when we originally redid the bathroom but that doesn’t mean we have to live with those crappy choices forever. Shit happens and we’re not all perfect. Learn from my mistakes though…

  1. Don’t forget about Storage – We knocked out the little linen closet that was in there and now we only have the storage in our vanity. It works for now, but all of our towels have to live in the hallway linen closet.
  2. Tile edges and Details – We decided to tile the ceiling in the shower and thus ended up with unfinished tile edges. These get capped with whats called an L-Channel. Welp, we ran out and instead of JUST GOING TO THE STORE AND BUYING MORE, we comprised on where they were going to go and now I have a few unfinished edges (tell me more about your DIY job).
  3. Grout Colour/Sealing – Generally you match the grout colour to the colour of the tile but if that ends up being really light, then I HIGHLY suggest you seal it. Just do it! You’ll thank me later. OR go slightly darker.
  4. PORPORTIONS! – So Bought the cutest little geometric shelf and I was determined to make it work. Unfortunately, it’s too small for the area that I wanted it in 🙁 I’m super bummed and I have an alternative idea but for now, the little geo shelf stays.
  5. We need more Lighting – At the time, we renovated this bathroom, we were trying to be as budget-friendly as we could so, we didn’t want to get into any electrical work. Now, I wish we did! Think… Overhead, Task, Ambience 😉


At the end of the day, this bathroom refresh only cost me $95!

  • Paint – $40
  • Bath Mat – $25
  • Wall Shelf – $30

Try it for yourself 😀


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