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I’m sharing my flawless paint picking process with you! If you skip these steps and go from a paint chip to a brush on your wall… you could end up with a horrible shade and paying double the money to fix it.

To avoid this… TAKE YOUR TIME with making a decision and don’t let your husband tell you “You’re crazy, they are all the same colour”. Everyone’s eyes see colour differently. Then you have to add in all the variables that are your home… amount of natural light, the colour temperature of the light bulbs in your space, whether it is morning or evening and even the changing seasons… all of these factors will come into play when picking a paint colour. Yes! It’s a lot of things to consider so… TAKE YOUR TIME.


Figure out which rooms are getting a face lift and grab some inspiration from online. Pinterest, Instagram… We have so much information at our fingertips and I want you to utilize it. Now these photos are not going to be the exact result but these images will give you an idea of the overall look that you want to live with and look at every day.


Grab your inspiration photos and head to your favourite home store to get paint chips. This step is going to help you narrow down your choices but I want you start very broad. Grab any and all colours that you are being drawn to. You want at least 8, maybe ever 10, why not?!

If you are painting everything top to bottom in the space you will need: trim colour, ceiling colour and accent colour.

When you look at those paint chips at home, be sure to have good lighting… a little natural light never hurt but worst case, just make sure you are not looking at them under any harsh lights (too yellow or fluorescent… things like that). If the bulbs and fixtures are staying, then look at them in the actual space that will be painted! From there, simply going to narrow it down to 3 or 4 paint chips for your main colour, plus any other colours you find interesting.


Just do it, I promise it will be worth it. You’d hate to paint a whole room and then realize you made a mistake. Go back to the store where you took the paint chips and buy small samples of each colour you like. (Grab some solid painter’s tape while you’re there too).

Now, if you’re building a new home or completely renovating and the walls are only drywall without an existing paint to go over, then go home, you’re errands are done! If you are refreshing your space and the walls are already painted then move onto the next step, you have one more errand to run.


Take a trip to the buck store and get a solid piece of white poster board or bristol board. This will act as the primer for your paint because the little samples that you just bought, more than likely didn’t come with primer in them. When you get home, use your painter’s tape to section off the board and paint your samples into each section. Once it’s dry, tape the bristol board onto a wall in the room that is going to be painted and see what you think. Leave it there overnight, wake up to it, stare at it in the different lights and at different times of the day. Move it around the room to different walls until you finally land on one that you like.




Congrats on your new paint colour. It is going to make all the difference in your new, refreshed space and I hope this process helped.



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