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The rush I felt after booking my flight was overwhelming to say the least. For the last 5 years since I entered the Design Industry, I’ve heard about this magical place where Designers go to overindulge in the latest trends, meet the hottest names in Interior Design and walk through endless showrooms, housing the newest Home Decor & Furniture! 

This time is was my turn but I had no idea what to expect. Luckily, I wasn’t headed there alone. My business partner, Jenna Gaidusek, who runs and owns Jenna Gaidusek Designs AND eDesign Tribe, was my #bossbabe in crime for this adventure. PLUS, we finally got to meet all of our virtual Designer friends who also showed us the ropes.


Amazing design aside, my inner foodie was in High Point heaven. There was food and wine everywhere we went. A 10am glass of chardonnay pairs perfectly velvet sofas and marble tops ;). Our first night there, we attended the Sunpan party.  They’re showroom was masculine, elegant and if there wasn’t live music at the time, I totally could have taken a nap in one of those cozy beds. But we stuck with their signature drink and poutine bar while mingling with Leslie Carothers, LuAnn Nigara, Veronica Soloman and so many other creative minds. 


There are miles and miles of showroom space to appreciate at High Point Market. The hardest part was choosing which ones to see because there are not enough hours to see everything. Seriously, it’s Designer Disneyland in there and it’s virtually impossible to see it all in one trip. So make sure you go into this with a plan!

For Jenna and I, we had a one thing on our minds (and I had two). We were looking for companies who have the ability to dropship to our eDesign Clients (and I needed Canadian Companies). Click here is you’re looking eDesign Services.

I was in awe-Mazement everytime we walked into a new space. To see to much colour and patterns it was a refreshing contrast to the white walls we see all over Pinterest.

Here were some of my favourites!






The trends!

If you’ve been following my business journey, you’ll know that I’m not a designer who appeals to the masses, necessarily. So naturally when we were at High Point Market, I was on the hunt for styles I haven’t seen filling up my Pinterest feed. 

The things that stuck out the most to me was the bold uses colour, fringe accents and lots of organic vibes. And yes, gold/brass accents are still going strong!


There was definitely a lot of the calm and boho vibes but done in a contemporary fashion. I loved seeing all the earthy tones and textures. Even subtle global patterns were the perfect accents to the bamboo headboards. There was this gorgeous onyx stone table that weighed over 400lbs and needed 6 men to move it but man was she a showstopper. And I’ll never forget canvas style blankets with pom poms tassels. Cute little touch!


Velvets were in all the trendy shops! Using blod colours like the red chair above, they give me sort of a 70’s glam feel and I wasn’t mad about it. There were sofas, and accent chairs and bar stools, oh my! I defintely felt sort of an ode’ to vintage with alot of the shops at High Point Market. I think it’s harmonious with the brass hardware and accents that are still going strong.


The fringe definitely takes the cake as far as the most creative and daring. I saw chairs, light fixtures and ottomans all with a fringe detailing that was eye-catching. But we can’t forget about the warmth that was brought to these spaces just by using various forms of texture. SO MUCH TEXTURE! From the glass-blown light fixtures to 3D Wall art and the simple fuzzy pillow… it was texture heaven.

Quick Side Note:

According to Wikipedia: “Some consider the term trend equivalent to fad, a fad is generally considered a quick and short behavior whereas a trend is one that evolves into a long term or even permanent change.” 

So the next time you think you don’t want to go with a “trend” remember that those are the style elements that actually stick and last for a long time.

the learning

Aside from the jaw-dropping pieces and showrooms, there was a lot of educational aspects to this trip that I wasn’t expecting. My business partner Jenna had her very own speaking engagement and she ROCKED IT! There was a Style Spotter breakfast where some amazing designers toured High Point Market and showcased the furniture that they felt was going to be trending in 2020 Interior Design.

We also attended a Round Table Talk and gained worth-while insight from a few designer #bossbabes that I very much look up to. Hearing from women that have been climbing the design ladder for the last 10+ years was a great experience in itself.

the business bonnie’s to my clyde

Jenna and I wanted to atted High Point Market since we teamed up in 2018. So when she asked if I wanted to go this year, it was an absolute YES and I was thrilled to be able to hang with my business buddy while beaming at endless furniture & design. What I didn’t expect with the #womangang that I was going to meet and love. With Jenna’s constantly growing online community, it was heart-warming to spend time with these talent woman off of the computer and get to know eachother in real life. Here are a few behind the scenes photos… 

Now that I’m settled back in, I’m ready to jump-start my design heart back into creative mode! I’ve already received some pretty cool projects since the trip and I can’t wait to share.

In the mean time, head over to my portfolio and check out some designs that I’ve recently compeleted. 

WHAT’S NEXT for slice?

We had the greatest time anyone could ever ask for on a business trip and I can’t wait to go back!

For the last 8 months, I’ve been immersing myself in the Kitchen Industry so I was a little bummed when there wasn’t a lot for K&B Designers, however, that doesn’t mean I didn’t learn more ways to help out my current and future design clients!

There so many creative take aways and I’m excited to be able to use them to create even better kitchens for you guys!

Thanks for reading!


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