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Subway Tile Patterns

I'll keep this one short and sweet! You can't go wrong with subway tile. Whether you are fully renovating your kitchen or just giving it a quick update, subway tiles are a no-brainer choice.   size matters The most timeless look is 3''x 6'' rectangular tile, laid in a...

Spring Colour Palette

Get Your House Ready for Spring! When the days start getting longer, I get so excited! The sun feels brighter, everything starts getting greener and we can finally spend some time outside. Spring is also the season to revive and rejuvenate! It gives me so much energy...

How to Shop Your Own Stuff

Have you ever thought to shop your own stuff before??

I came up with this idea when my hubby and I decided to remodel our kids play room. The plan was simple, the work was no joke. And in the end, we want what everyone else wants… a space that feels warm, welcoming and is a reflection of ourselves.

The $95 Bathroom Facelift

I have been talking about my bathroom refresh for-ever and the reveal is finally here!! Now, I’ll be honest, there really wasn’t anything wrong with the bathroom but I didn’t like the vibe it was giving off. Here’s what I was working with… When I originally demoed the...

Modern Christmas Mantels

I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I absolutely, love it! Our family Christmas traditions are simple... Hot Chocolate and Holiday Movies!! This will also be our 3 year cutting down our own Christmas tree, so it looks like that one's turning into a tradition too! Growing up my mama...

Dos & Don’ts of Feature Walls

It's easy to look at your space, feel like something is missing and think, "let's slap an accent wall... right.... there!", and have it magically bring the space all together like the star aligning and you just fell in love at first-sight. But there is a method to...

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