It’s so awesome to meet you!

My name is Cass!

I am an Interior Design Specialist, mom of two, wife to one. I live in a growing town across from Detroit, MI in a house that needs constant love.

Three years ago, I was working full-time at a financial instiution and taking an online interior design course on my time off. In between raising two little boys and managing house hold that doesn’t ever seem to stop, I graduated with my Interior Design Diploma!

At first I worked along side a commercial Interior Designer who had 20+ years experience in the biz. As soon as I got the hands-on experience, I knew that was the part of the design process I wanted to be apart of. I became even more educated about the proper finishes for the application and to consider all functionality before the aesthetics.

The hands on experience continued when I got hired on at a flooring store. I learned even MORE! 

My hubs is a Registered Nurse and his work stories gross me out. I drink strong black coffee and pinot grigio wine. And if I didn’t practice yoga, I’d probably go insane.

So now we basically flipped our house but just for us. And I loved every minute of it. The demo, the design, the fixtures, the paint, and of course….. the end results! ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT! My house feels like home and I can do the same with yours using all of my expertise in the Interior Design Industry.

Nice to meet ya’ll! <- Nope, not southern. I just like excuses to say Ya’ll.


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