I absolutely, love it! Our family Christmas traditions are simple... Hot Chocolate and Holiday Movies!! This will also be our 3 year cutting down our own Christmas tree, so it looks like that one's turning into a tradition too! Growing up my mama was big time into the Holidays. We had a massive 10ft christmas tree growing up, so setting up the decorations was an all day affair. Usually, we ended the decorating day with a movie and hot chocolate, by the fire.

There is nothing that beats a cozy fire, big blankets, movies, cuddles... I could keep going, forever. I'm a little late to the decorating game this year (for good reason *cough, cough* www.designin5.com) so for now, Im sharing my FAVE Holiday mantels.

Cred: www.redmodelaholic.com

Cred: www.brit.co

There are a lot of Modern Christmas Mantels floating around Pinterest and the minimal look is soooo in right now. Many homeowners are going for a minimal look because it keeps your mantel from looking crowded. It gives it a clean and sophisticated look.

Cred: www.apartmenttherapy.com

Cred: www.bspoke.net


The colours you use in your home play a huge role in the feeling and atmosphere. So which colours should you use for Christmas? … How do you want to feel?

Christmas Cheer = Red & Green

New Year Frost = White & Blue

Rustic Cabin = Cream & Red


Cred: www.damasketdentelle.com

Cred: www.littlehouseoffour.com

Even around the holidays, everyone has their own “Interior Reality”. Which basically means, that you can spend all the time in world planning and executing, but your family still lives there! All of these photos above have been staged. So as much as we would love for our homes to look like this, the reality is.. we live here! So pour yourself a glass of wine and let the kiddos decorate 😉



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