It's easy to look at your space, feel like something is missing and think, "let's slap an accent wall... right.... there!", and have it magically bring the space all together like the star aligning and you just fell in love at first-sight. But there is a method to selecting a feature wall and I'm going to start with the Do's & Don'ts for ya!

DO - select the most visual wall in the room. This accent wall should be one of the first walls that are seen when you walk in to the space. For instance, the mantel wall behind the fireplace, or the wall where the headboard sits in your bedroom. You want the eye to be naturally drawn to it and then adding a feature will give it the WOW.

DON'T - pick a wall that the TV sits on. If you can, keep your TV adjacent to your accent wall. The last thing you want is to create a gorgeous feature and then stick a black box on it.

DO - compliment the room. When you choose your feature, make sure to pick a colour or material that is going to match the style that is already present in the room. Stay within the theme or colour pallet that is existing. You never want to go bold just to go bold, it always has to make sense.

DON'T - put an accent wall in a tiny room, like a powder room. You are much better off just doing the whole room with a wallpaper or cool paint effects. If you try for just one wall, it can make the room feel smaller.

DO - define different spaces using accent walls. Sometime open-concept living spaces can be tricky to decorate because is can be 3 room with 3 different functions all within the same vicinity. Adding a feature wall to visually separate them will create added interest to an wide open room. For example: A accent dining room wall in a living/kitchen space.

DON'T - be fearful of wallpaper! Everyone seems to think it is the hardest thing to remove. Although, yes, it can take sometime... there are peel & stick vinyl options that can do the trick and they are easily removable. Otherwise, it's just a little fabric softener and warm water 😉

DO - take a chance on a different kind of material. You don't have to use just paint or wallpaper... there are vinyl murals, stone features, wainscotting accents, pallet boards... the list can go on.



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