When we moved into our house almost 3 years ago the kitchen was already new(ER); but not exactly what I would call my dream kitchen. The paint was a burnt orange  which matched the cabinets and which matched the flooring... YUCK! Let's just look at the BEFORE photos and we can move on!


The first thing we did was paint and then changed out a couple of light fixtures. Next was the flooring, where we followed the white-washed grey laminate throughout. Instantly the kitchen felt brighter! But I still had my heart set on a cool backsplash. I really didn't want to spend the money to rip it out, clean it all up and then lay new tile. (Let's face it, I have expensive taste and it's just not in the cards yet.)

So, I ended up getting my hands on this awesome metal mosaic, peel & stick backsplash. It didn't break the bank, it totally fits in with my industrial style AND I was able to install it right over the existing backsplash! No MESS??? YES PLEASE!!!


Alumax Panel has so many different styles available that it really was hard for me to choose. Everyone knows I have a love of hexagon shapes but when it came down to it, I had to choose a style that was going to compliment the colour of the kitchen cabinets and tie in the light grey flooring. There are a number of colours, shapes and added textures to choose from. I went with a stainless steel finish, in a similar pattern to herringbone. I also decided to install upside down from the photo 😉

These are some of my favourites...

Installing your Metal Mosaic Tiles

If you want to keep it easier, I would consider making a selection that has a straight edge to line up with the back of the counter top. The style that I chose is a little time-consuming to install. This is because it doesn't have a straight edge, which means you have to cut every linear foot of backsplash that goes up. Something to keep in mind if you have limited time to finish the project.

Next up, grab all the tools you will need and make sure to have a cutting surface. I used a utility knife, right-angled metal ruler, star-head screwdriver, garbage bin/bag and then I used cardboard from the boxes as my cutting surface.

You can also get yourself a pair of metal snips which are much easier to use than the utility knife. Trust me! That's why I'm writing this post... learn from me, guys!


Grab your heavy duty scissors here -> one for the hubby too 😉




Next: Remove all of the electrical outlet covers (don't lose the teeny-tiny screws), then I will always dry-lay my tile before install. Make sure you have an idea of which pieces are going to go where. Then cut your mosaic tiles, peel it and stick it. That's seriously all there is to it!

So we decided to start from the right-hand corner and work our way out towards the left. We did this across the entire kitchen and then went back to the beginning and filled in the top portion.

Things to Remember

Edging pieces - These get installed along any exposed edges of the kitchen backsplash to finish off with a clean look. When going over existing, you may need to use a T-Cap. Alumax Panel has all of the accessories that you'll need to complete your wicked cool backsplash.

Electrical Outlets - If you are going over an existing backsplash, it is going to be thicker and you will have to unscrew and pull out the actual unit. This YouTube Video should help with that... How to Tile around Electrical Outlets

Stickiness - These are super duper sticky. Once you put it on there, it does not come off easy. We had to take a couple of small pieces down to reposition them and ultimately, we weren't able to reuse them. This is why I dry-lay the tiles to make ensure I have the best possible position. This is also why you have to make sure to order extra pieces/square footage for waste. We're not perfect, expect mistakes.

Making your cuts - Cut the Metal Mosaic Tiles from the back to not ruin the front. If you are using a utility knife like I did, then you are going to want to score it lightly first to make the indentation, then continue to score it a good 10-15 times, each time using more pressure. Once you've gotten a little way through the metal, it will snap off. Use your muscles! And be sure to keep the protective plastic on until it is up on the wall.

Finishing Touches - Once everything is beautifully cut, peeled & stuck, you'll want to run a line of caulking along the bottom where the counter top and backsplash meet. This prevents water from the sinking falling in behind and it gives a nice clean finish to your kitchen backsplash the same way the edging will. The cool thing with the caulking is that you can get it in a colour that will match your selection perfectly so that you don't even see it. Check the Mapei Keracaulk colours here.

For Step-By-Step Instructions outlined by Alumax Panel, click here to watch the video.

The Finished Product!!

I love love love how these tiles turned out. Our kitchen now has modern industrial vibe and I don't dread walking into my kitchen every morning looking at the fake stone. I am so excited about the overall look and think our kitchen finally looks like the rest of the house. One happy wife over here 😀

For more Metal Mosaic Tile Ideas, check out Alumax Panel on instagram -->


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