Home Decor is constantly evolving and so is your life. Once you have all of the personal decor that brings you good vibes, you still want to keep your space up-to-date. One of the easiest ways to freshen up your living area is by simply changing out your area rug.

Now, you don't need to touch your book collection that you spent years developing... and you don't need to replace family photos with abstract art. Instead we can liven up your room with an area rug that brings all of the elements together!

The variety is endless, so first think about the MOOD you want to set... are you trying to brighten up the room with a low pile, solid colour? or do you want to draw attention to the centre of the room with a bold pattern and rich colour? Narrow down your search and start shopping...

**If you're not sure which size rug your space needs, keep

scrolling for the guide**


Here are the TOP TEN AREA RUGS

UNDER $200

Before writing this post, I knew I wanted to include a couple of round area rugs for you. The reason ... BECAUSE I LOVE THEM!!! lol I think they are underrated and if you have used a round area rug in the past or decided to take a leap of faith and try one out for the first time, share a photo in comments below!

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