Nothing will compare to the warmth and coziness that natural hardwood floors bring to your home. The styles are endless… you will always be able to find a hardwood floor to match your personality and the functionality that your family needs!

Engineered VS. Solid

This is a very common debate among homeowners and sometimes it’s preference, other times it’s function. Engineered Hardwood Floors are made up of layers. The top layer is 100% natural wood and comes in all of the same species, finishes and stains that solid hardwood floors are available in also. The middle layers are constructed using other wood types, which create a stable core and allow the wood to breathe when it comes in contact with moisture, heat or fluctuating temperatures. Giving the wood breathable space eliminates the chances of the wood “cupping” like a piece of paper after it dries. And if you plan on using in-floor heating then Engineered Hardwood Floors are a must. 😉

On the flip side, Solid Hardwood Floors are just that, Solid through and through. This means that the species you see on the top, is the same one all the way to the bottom. Solid Hardwood Floors do not come in the sought-after wide plank and they cannot be used with in-floor heating. They still come in a variety of textures and stains and should they become warn or you want to change out the stain colour in the future, you have the ability to get them refinished without having to replace them. Keep in mind that sometimes the cost is similar to replacing them. However, when you sand them down, you maintain the integrity of the original floor, save waste and it prevents the floor from having to be replaced in the future! 🙂

Tips & Tricks

No matter which one you choose for your home and your family, hardwood floors are still a product of nature. This means, they need to be cared for and maintained. Never use a drench mopped to clean your floors and leave the vinegar for cooking. Vacuum on a regular basis and spot clean when spills happen. When it comes to your scheduled cleaning day, be sure to find a Hardwood/Laminate floor cleaner and use a microfibre cloth to avoid scratching. Ps. The more character and texture that your hardwood floors have, the less likely you are to actually see any imperfections caused by your perfectly imperfect fam jam!

Top Ten Hardwood Floors that we’re crushing on:

Fuzion Flooring – Bistro Collection, Antique Pewter
Fuzion Flooring – Island Dreams, Midnight Bonfire
Fuzion Flooring – Island Dreams, Beach Nut
Grandeur Flooring – Artisan, Nature
Grandeur Flooring – Galaxy, Mercury
Opus Flooring – Shawnee, Alton Oak II
Superior Flooring – Legend Series, White Ash
Twelves Oaks – Crafter’s Mission – Maple Castile

Bistro Collection – Antique Pewter

This beauty is an Engineered Oak with a matte finish. It comes 6” wide and can work with Traditional design styles as well as contemporary.

Island Dreams – Midnight Bonfire

This is one of my faves right now because it has rustic textures but can be modern at the same time. It is an Engineered Maple, 6” wide.

Island Dreams – Beach Nut

Warm tones all the way with this one. It’s from the same collection as the Midnight Bonfire but is a Hickory with a lighter & warmer stain.

Artisan Collection – Nature

I love this one for any designs revolving around Boho or Scandinavian. It is a solid Hickory with a natural stain which shows all of the characteristics from the tree. LOVE.

Galaxy Collection – Mercury

All the grey feels with this beauty. It has hand-scraped texture and the stain gives colour variation to showcase the textural interest. It is a Solid Oak and comes 4 1/4” wide.

Shawnee – Alton II

Another Scandinavian style floor but without the rustic texture. It is a Engineered Oak and has the texture from the grain and a smooth matte finish.

Legend Series – Shadow

I know this one looks like Oak but it is a Solid Ash. Dark stain and skinny planks make for a luxury style living space.

Crafter’s Mission – Castile 

Preverco – Walnut, Natural, Normal Texture
Preverco – Yellow Birch, Glaze, Normal Texture

Personally, I like the subtle grain with a maple like this one. It perfect for a laid back style and it great for families with mini humans and pets running around. It’s Engineered,  textured and gorgeous

Walnut – Natural 

Nothing will compare to the variation, grain and classy look that a Walnut hardwood floor will give to your home. It is timeless and elegant and yet Trendy AF. This is a Solid Walnut from Preverco.

Yellow Birch – Glaze

Another from Preverco, this one is a Solid Yellow Birch. With a clean look, Birch does not have a lot of grain and this one comes with a pre-oiled, which is really just a fancy name for a matte finish.

More to come on Hardwood Floors!



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  1. I have laminate floors in my dining room, I wanted vinyl or hardwood, but the budget wouldn’t allow it. I’ve noticed when the family is home for holidays, or dinners, the laminate shows everything. Footprints, smudges etc. Is there any way to avoid this?
    Thank you

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