Lately, I cannot stop talking about plants. They are everywhere, massive monsteras and cute little cacti... plus there are a number of benefits to having greenery throughout your home that I'm obsessed! I'm finding that the benefits are endless... Indoor plants help purify the air in your home, improve your wellbeing, help you sleep and they can help reduce stress. Other specific benefits include reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in your home, reducing airborne dust, increasing humidity and keeping temperatures down.

I just love 'em! Big ones, Small cute ones, Orchids... so here are my top 10 favourite indoor plants that I have actually been able to keep alive!

1. Peace Lily - It seems to want to drink everyday and the leaves will droop to let you know it's thirsty. When the flower blooms, it's beautiful. They start of small and take off from there. If it gets too big, you can split it up and now you have Peace Lillies all over.

2. Aloe Vera - If I have to explain the benefits of Aloe, we can't be friends. They don't require a lot of water, easy to keep alive and they grow slowly but surely. You can drink add it to your morning shake to improve your immune system and it helps with digestion or can give yourself a facial with the gel. The gel has two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. It is said to reduce inflammation, make your skin softer and it has been proved to heal acne, eczema and psoriasis.

3. Small Palms - These guys just need a little more attention than others. They are also a plant that will let you know when it's thirsty and you can split them up when they get too big.

4. Fern - I have a mini fern in my house and it hasn't been high maintenance, but it isn't growing as fast as I was hoping it would. So I'm going to replant it in a bigger pot and see what happens there. My little guy know how to handle his water but doesn't let me know when he wants more so it's a guessing game.

5. Ivy - These things will grow forever and I swear you can't kill them unless they die from dehydration. We have even taken a broken leaf/stem and replanted it in a different pot with zero issues. The newbie is thriving just like the oldie.

6. Orchids - This is probably the only one on this list that needs constant light. And I mean constant. My hubby is always buying me Orchids but I was having a rough go at getting them to bloom a second time. After throwing out a bunch, I moved one to our little coffee corner that practically gets full sun all day and she bloomed!!! I was happy that I got it to come back that I told everyone about as if it was my new baby.

7. Snake Plant - This fantastic fella is hard AF to kill. We bought one when it was advertised as a "Glow in the Dark" plant in a small planter. We must have been drunk while shopping because there is no such thing lol ... the leaves were painted with a glow in the dark substance that ended up flaking off. Determined to save this baby, I replanted it and noticed that it was completely root-bound BUT it was still alive and thriving nonetheless. As soon as I gave him a bigger home, he loved life again.

9. Succulents - Buy em, water em, plant em outside if they get too big. That is all. I find that these make the perfect decor lately and I absolutely love them in a glass terrarium.

10. Green & Pink Plant that I don't know the name of - I bought this because it looked cool. I can't figure out the name of it, it needs just as much water as the Peace Lily and not direct sunlight.

*I will add, of all the plants I have listed, none of them are in direct sunlight. We have 3 skylights in our vaulted ceilings and they all seem to do well there but it is not direct. Just bright 😀

Using house plants as decor will definitely warm up a room and to me it gives my spaces a sense of calm by bringing in some nature. Other low-maintenance plants: Jade, Pothos, Rabbits Ear and rubber plant.

What plants do you have that you are able to keep alive?

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