Are you new here? I’m Cass and it’s great to meet you!

To start off, my life could be reality tv show. I’ve been through a lot of shit for a small town girl and I’ve often thought about writing a book or an advice column – even though, I’d rather meet people, hang out under the sun, drink wine and talk about the Good O’l Days. BUT one day I realized that these are the “Good Ol’ Days”! I also realized that there is so much growth and learning and evolving that happens during these times and it needs to be shared.

Over the last few months, I feel like I have had a million epiphanies about life and I know that I’m not alone. So by sharing my story, my life, my dreams, my struggles and my reality, I hope that I inspire all of you, not just one or two, ALL of you to simply enjoy the small moments and live a happier life 🙂

Slice of Design will now be a catch all for Interior Design, #winewednesdays, fashionista stuff, yoga, personal finance and life.

Now don’t forget, I haven’t left behind Designer Cass… she is still here and she still loves to collaborate with clients. For a list of Interior Design Services click here.

Let’s get LIVING!

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