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Does anyone else love a solid trend? Not the fad-type trends but the ones that stick! Like when grey took over all of our homes or open-concept floorplans became all the rage; and we can’t forget about that bellbottoms keep making their return [I know that last one has nothing to do with kitchens but I have a soft-spot for the 70’s ;)].

|| **The true definition of a Trend is something that stays around for a significant amount of time and

even has the potential to become a classic.** ||



A functional and visually appealing design element I’ve been seeing all over the interweb lately, first came up when I was dealing with a client’s kitchen that had this gorgeous picture window. It had a beautiful view but having a high impact feature like that sometimes means, other aspects of the space may have to compromise.

In majority of residential Kitchens, the cabinets are designed in a L-Shape. Using this layout truly maximizes the space and allows for us to use as much square footage for storage as possible.


Typical Kitchen Layouts

why I designed something different

I don’t always get to use my creative juices when designing kitchen cabinets because sometimes the showroom customers are simply looking for a cabinet quote. For the select few that I design for, they give me more freedom when it comes to their space. They are lookin for style longevity and these homeowners really want to love their kitchen when they wake up in the morning to make their coffee.

So for this particular client with the picture window, it was their first ever kitchen renovation and they had amazing ideas but weren’t sure how to actually make sure everything was going to work. Dealing with the upper cabinets in the corner was the biggest concern. I was designing in between a chimeny style hood vent to the left and this gorgeous window to the right on the adjacent wall.

We toyed around with a few different options when it came to those corner cabinets but in the end, we eliminated the cabinets on the stove wall and kept a straight run on the window wall. My client loved it. She had never thought to do something like that because in all the kitchen she had ever seen, always had cabinets running all the way across.

Eh, Voila!  It’s pretty cool when you venture outside of your comfort zone!


Here are a bunch of my favourite Kitchens using this modern style of cabinet design.

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Here are few different ways you can use this trend in you new kitchen design:

I’ll be honest, the true reason behind this trend comes into play when there is a big window on one side of the kitchen – where cabinets “should” be. So to get around it, we got creative.

1) You just like the look

You can still achieve this corner look in your kitchen by eliminating the typical angled cabinet that would go in the corner. Ask your designer if there is another option to complete the corner such as a unit with a Bi-Fold door. If they don’t have something existing, customize the corner using open shelving or like some of the photos above, opt for having cabinets only on the one side. 

2) There is a window in your way

This was what original put this design trend on the map for me. If you have a window, any size window that is close to the corner of your kitchen and your not really loving the look of all the cabinets, eliminate the cabinets on the window wall and see how you like it. 

3) You have a big kitchen

Most residential renovations don’t allow for the lack of storage that follows with this Kitchen Trend. If you have a bigger kitchen and you can afford not to have the cabinet storage all the way around, then give it a go. Have your designer show you what it would look like and see if it’s something you could live with. Majority of the bigger kitchens I’ve worked with, this corner style looks phenomenal because it gives the style of kitchen depth and dimension instead of having cabinets take over. 


According to Wikipedia: “Some consider the term trend equivalent to fad, a fad is generally considered a quick and short behavior whereas a trend is one that evolves into a long term or even permanent change.” 

So the next time you think you don’t want to go with a “trend” remember that those are the style elements that actually stick and last for a long time.

have fun with it!


Now that this Kitchen Trend is on your mind, I’ll bet you’ll start to see it everywhere. That’s exactly what happened with myself and now I’m finding all of these unique ways to get the look and keep it personalized.

I’m constantly suggesting to my clients that if they like a trend, GO FOR IT! However, make sure it implement it in a way that is specific to you and your household. 

This is officially my new way of designing corners in kitchens now and I’ve found some pretty amazing and functional ways to use this aspect in your home.


Click on the above images for Design credit.

Lastly, I want to share with you the most recent design I completed using this same design technique.

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